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Are You Looking To Launch A  Sales Presentation That SELLS Your Product Or Service On "Autopilot"...?
Are You Looking To Launch A  Sales Presentation That Sells Your Products Or Services On "Autopilot"...?
“How in the hell did an ex-‘frat boy’ help generate $713,682 in just 2 years...?”
^ I ask myself this question a lot, but the truth is that I'm not much different than you...

I'm a business owner... a marketer... an obsessively creative and "scrappy" entreprenuer that struggled for YEARS to figure out how to effectively market and sell online

If you're reading this page, my guess is that you're trying to figure out how to predictably grow your business online...right? 

If that's the case, you're not alone.

Thousands of business owners like you pull their hair out trying to market and sell online.

They spend time the latest "fad" (like chatbots or the latest social media platform) to try to gain the "early movers" advantage over their competition...

What most of these business owners fail to realize is that there's a little-known “playbook” that allows people (like you and me) to skip the hustle and profit BIG online. 

And I wanna give it to you for FREE.

And this playbook is exactly how I went from being a broke web designer to silently generating hundreds of thousands of dollars online for me and my clients over the last 2 years.

Which means that if you're still laying awake trying to figure out how to work less and make more than ever before, 
...then this may be the most important letter you'll read today (seriously). 
But first, I wanna you to let you know that this didn’t just happen overnight.

Everything “dirty little secret” I’m about to share with you came after working out of my dad’s basement, overdrafting on my bank account while traveling the world, and spending many late nights pulling my hair out with only the beam of my computer screen keeping me aware.

If you’re looking for the “magic pill” to making money online, I’m not your guy.

(there’s plenty of other “gurus” who will be a better fit)

But if you want to learn the proven strategies that underground entrepreneurs like me use to bootstrap our businesses and grow them to $100,000… $1,000,000… OR MORE…

…then stick around so I can help you avoid the common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make.

These are the same strategies I’ve used to help celebrities, social media influencers, “9 to 5ers,” and others who sell their products & services online to predictably grow their business.

On a rainy, spring afternoon back in 2016, I was sitting at my computer and came across a marketing article that claimed:
“He who can spend the most money to acquire a customer, wins.”
Having run my own online business for just 8 short months, I didn’t really understand what this meant at the time…

But (little did I know) it’d be this same article that led me down the rabbit hole of “direct-response marketing” as I know it now.

You see… if you’ve ever spent some time in the online marketing space, then you’ve probably seen that there’s a hoopla runnin’ rampant out there…
But the truth is that there are only two types of business owners out there:

Type #1: Those that know how to spend money to acquire new customers…


Type #2: Those that don’t

And regardless of which of these two categories you fall into, what I wanna with you will help you make your first (or next) $100,000 OR MORE online.

All you have to do is listen closely and, by the end of this, you’ll have a roadmap to financial freedom.

Sound good?
The problem with my first business is that I was throwing darts with a blindfold on trying to get clients…
At the time I was running a “digital marketing agency” (if you could even call it that) trying to find clients that would pay me to redo their website, handle their social media, and market themselves online.

The issue was that I fell into the trap that most “entrepreneurs” fall into:

I spent hours on-end cold calling… cold emailing… and begging for referrals… just so I could pay my bills each month!

Each and every month was a scramble for new clients and, on the off-chance that I DID get a new client, I’d find myself stressed-out at delivering on the service I sold because it meant I had no time to go find another client!

You can see how this is an issue, right?

Before I knew it, what started out as a dream to find “freedom” online turned into a stressful nightmare that kept me up at night wondering what the hell I was doing.

As you can imagine, a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty started to creep in…

I started to question what I was doing… why I was doing it… and to make things even worse I had to FAKE my own happiness so that my friends, family, and colleagues thought I had my shit together!

^ this is the cold, hard reality for most “internet entrepreneurs” whether they like to admit it or not.
Instead of trying to run through a brick wall like most, I decided to take a step back and figure out how to go around it…
I was sick-and-tired of seeing other business owners make $1,000,000 out of thin air and it was time to do something.

So, I fired all of my clients and took a step back from my business.

I spent a few months on the “McChicken Diet” (aka eating from the $1 menu at McDonalds) and decided to invest in a mentor.

While it was arguably one of the most nerve-wracking decisions of my life, it turned out to be the most worthwhile.

Because after investing $1,500 per month in a mentor (which was more than my monthly living expenses at the time), you leave yourself with no other choice but to “figure it out”…

So I paid up… I sat down… I listened…
…and what happened next took me from “grinding” 14+ hours a day just so I could pay rent to making over $15,000 in a single month!
Remember how I mentioned how there are two types of business owners?

Those that spend money to CREATE new customers and those that don’t.

What if I told you that those who spend money creating new customers use a simple formula that they replicate over and over again to generate consistent, predictable revenue every single month…? Would you believe me…?

And what if I shared with you the ONE CHARACTERISTIC that separates these people from every other bottom-feeding “entrepreneur” that lays awake at night wondering where their next sale is gonna come from…? Would you like that…?

If you wanna learn the secret to take ANY business from “shaky” to scalable from the ground up, then listen up!

Because here’s the truth:

There’s a proven “playbook” that anyone can execute regardless of their experience, their ability, or their budget.
And this playbook is kinda like a “cheat code” of some sort…
Because when you learn it… understand it… and implement it… you can go from virtually “unknown” to thriving online business in almost no-time-flat.

So, here’s what I did for you:

I created an on-demand training that hands you the playbook for FREE!

In the Free Training, I’ll go over:
  • How To STOP Guessing What To Say In Your Marketing
  • Why “Marketing Economics” Gives You An Advantage Over Your Competition
  • The SIMPLE “Sales Presentation” That Works FOR YOU Around-The-Clock
Just for signing up, I’ll even include a special bonus (because I know your time is valuable).

So if you’re ready to make your first (or next) $100,000 online without guessing what to do or how to do it…

…then this Free Training will hand you the playbook of everything you need to know!

==> Just click here to sign up for the next session (starting SOON)

And if you're a little "skeptical"... I totally get it.

I'm just some baby-faced guy online that's making some pretty bold claims. 

So I'll let someone else who profited from watching this same training show you the power of what you're about to learn:
And at the very least…

You register for the training, decide to bail, and you’ll still receive an exclusive bonus that’s been the “backbone” for over $100 MILLION in sales.

Is that fair?

See you on the training,

Austin “Take My Playbook” Dixon

(aka the Yoda of Marketing)

P.S. If you skipped to the end of this page, you’re in luck!

I’m inviting you to a Free Training where I show you the EXACT playbook that’s helped me generate over $713,682 (for me and my clients) over the last 2 years.
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